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I’m running for Provo City Council to represent our shared values and ensure that the voices of our community are heard on the issues of the day. I believe in limited government, fiscal responsibility, and upholding the traditions that make our city great. One of my top priorities is open and transparent communication with you, the residents of Provo. I’m here to listen to your concerns and ideas because I believe that together, we can shape a future that reflects our core principles and values. I’m committed to working tirelessly to make sure that Provo remains a place where our values thrive and where every voice has a say in our city’s future.

Conservative Fiscal Management

One of my top priorities as a candidate for Provo City Council is to uphold conservative fiscal management practices. I understand the importance of responsible budgeting, prioritizing essential services, and maintaining fiscal discipline to keep our city financially sound. I will scrutinize every expenditure to ensure that taxpayer dollars are spent efficiently and effectively. My goal is to keep taxes reasonable and prevent unnecessary burdens on our residents while still addressing critical infrastructure needs and essential services. With prudent financial stewardship, we can maintain Provo’s financial stability and create a sustainable future for our community.

Community Engagement - Hearing from YOU!

Engagement and collaboration are at the heart of a vibrant community. If elected to the Provo City Council, I will prioritize open communication and active involvement from all residents. I understand the importance of listening to the concerns and ideas of our community members. I will host regular town hall meetings, encourage citizen input on important issues, and work to ensure that the voices of all Provo residents are heard and valued in the decision-making process. Together, we can build a stronger and responsive city government that truly reflects the needs and aspirations of our diverse population.

Economic Development

As a candidate for Provo City Council, I am committed to fostering robust economic development in our community. I believe in promoting a business-friendly environment that encourages entrepreneurship and job creation. Provo has incredible potential for growth, and I will work diligently to attract new businesses and industries that can provide employment opportunities for our residents. Additionally, I’ll support initiatives that strengthen our local economy by supporting small businesses and investing in workforce development programs. A thriving economy not only improves the quality of life for our residents but also ensures the long-term sustainability of our city.

Preserving Open Space and Enhancing Parks

Provo’s natural beauty and open spaces are among its greatest assets. As a council member, I will work tirelessly to preserve and protect these spaces for current and future generations. This includes expanding and enhancing our parks and recreational facilities, making them accessible to all residents. We must invest in maintaining our green spaces, ensuring they remain clean, safe, and enjoyable for families and individuals alike. Whether it’s protecting our mountain trails or creating more urban parks, I am dedicated to ensuring that Provo continues to offer a high quality of life through its natural and recreational amenities.