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My name is Gary Garrett, and I am running for the Provo City Council Citywide Seat.

My wife Jana and I chose to raise our five children in Provo because of the wonderful quality of life the city provides. I am an experienced business and civic leader, having worked and served in Downtown Provo for over 30 years. This experience, combined with studies pursuant to my master’s degree in public administration, has helped me understand and bridge important relationships between private enterprise and government.

Through my work with the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Provo Downtown Alliance, and my participation on at least a dozen civic and community service boards, I have working knowledge of what helps Provo business thrive.

With my previous Provo City Council experience, I have a proven track record for bringing people together and getting things done, such as helping facilitate the timely resolution of disputes between government, business, and neighborhoods.

I also co-chaired a citizen’s committee to help bring Provo residents the beautiful, high-tech Provo Rec Center, which provides Provo citizens with nationally recognized recreation and fitness facilities.

I will be honored to help Provo navigate its exciting future!